Sydney day 1

We caught the first flight to Syndey, landing at 8.05am. After an hour through customs, we got to our awesome hotel (highly recommended!) and hit the town. The weather here is amazing, it feels like our NZ summer, not too hot not cold. I decided to check out the Rocks, Circular Quay area and Botanical Gardens cause the last two times I've been to Sydney I really wanted to visit these but didn't make it.

I saw an awesome exhibition at the M.C.A. - a collection of young aussie artists. There were a number of pieces that stood out - grafetti art, a scene made inticately from polystyrene balls, and a map of Sydney overlayed with Paris. One collaborative piece of Bart Simpson drawings drew me. The piece is the artists' comments about Evolution vs Intelligent Design theories and even though both have just as much merit as each other, we are taught Evolution as fact because we live in a materialisitic society. The Bart Simpsons had been drawn from memory, which was a comment on mass media - even though they were wonky everyone could still instantly tell they were Bart Simpson because of media. And then there were LCD screens hung up showing a spa pool bubbling away - which was the artists' way of telling everyone to just relax about these big issues. I love it! To me this is a brilliant piece of art - one that comments on something important, but is still fairly accessible to the people viewing it.

The Botanical Gardens were breathtaking, it was a lovely relaxing area. I especially liked the herbal area - it was so informative about all herbs: culinary, dyes, medicines, etc. and I learnt so much there.