Web Directions Day 1

Day one of Web Directions conference was awesome! There was a lot of focus on microformats, accessibility and workflow; but here are my favourite points: Kelly Goto kicked off with a great keynote focussing on understanding your audience and the possibilities of the future (what about one personal avatar and setting across all apps, all hardware you own so you only have to update it once if you want to change).

Jeremy Keith did an awesome intro to AJAX. For a designer like me who is not into programming it was very useful. It was also nice to see that our using AJAX so far in Go Fetch is appropriate - not too much, but enough to make it easier to use (although we still have more to implement). Always ask yourself why an I using this - why is it useful? why does it make a good difference?

The Campaign Monitor guys talked thro what they had found developing their apps. A lot of this was directly tanible to us developing our apps and in particular Go Fetch - a small team building an app on the side for a specific use.

Unfortunately the catering and venue isn't as good as last year IMHO, as the whole thing is quite spread out on the UTS campus. But the reception tonight was good an it was really cool to meet more faces over some good nibbles and drinks!

Now it's time to hit the late night shopping ;)