I empower others to discover and use their creativity.

Working with Rachel has been immensely enjoyable. She has a sharp creative eye, a deep understanding of the technical applications needed to make the ideas work, and an abundance of patience.

Michael Birt, Photographer


In my work, I focus on empowering the team around me to  produce the best design solution for the problem at hand. 

I believe Design Systems are an ideal tool to connect designers and developers, and encourage creativity with wider teams. 


In my art, I paint intuitively. I aim to capture the mood the landscape is evoking, the essence that is so often missed in a photo. 

The process of making art is as important to me as the finished piece. In my work you will see layers and visible brushstrokes, capturing the energy of painting. 


I cycle everywhere I can. I like Pilates, yoga, good food and wine. I'm a liberal Christian, an environmentalist, an organic vegetable gardener... and an occassional crafter.

I've maintained my personal website in various shapes and forms since 2005. Each design has featured hand-drawn or painted elements, which has become an important aspect of my personal brand.