Webby week

Well lots have been going on in the web space with me lately, some I can talk about, others I can't just yet! Here are two bits of exciting stuff! Mum and Dad's Taupo Holiday House website is now launched! I did the original website as one of my first Natcoll assignments, but now it needed some updates and a bit of a refresh of design, and this is the result: http://taupo.radfordnz.net. It should also help them out with search engines and stuff too. Although at this stage it still needs some IE debugging, which is one of the struggles of developing it in a Mac environment - as much as I LOVE Macs and Firefox, and wish the rest of the world did too, you can't have a website that is broken in IE..!

And the other big news is that in September, Kirti and I are off to the Web Directions conference - yay! SO exciting because Andy Clarke is talking and I've wanted to see him speak for so long now. And I feel real lucky cause I have already been to a web conference this year, but get to go to another one - and I love Sydney so it's a great opportunity to go back there :-)