My art history geek out

Today we visited Cambridge Museum... It is a cool building - all Roman like, with the columns and stuff. I knew there was an exhibition on about Chinese flower paintings, so we thought we were going into that, but instead walked straight into a room filled with French Impressionist paintings. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Monet, Pissaro, Cezanne, they were all there - for free!!! I was just in a trance; beautiful,  beautiful artwork. We wandered through a huge variety of stuff, antique furniture, sculpture, English china (Mum - you would love that!), medieval artwork (it was nice to see such decadent ikons after visiting Ely Cathedral, so bare and empty). There was a late renaissance gallery of Italian work which I liked, very emotive and passionate. Then there was an English artwork gallery that ironically had French cubism and early modernism in it - more Cezanne, and one of my absolute favourite high cubism pieces - JUST SITTING THERE ON THE WALL IN CAMBRIDGE!!!! So yeah I was blown away.

Then we went downstairs and saw ancient carvings, like 750BC stuff, and then more ancient Egyptian stuff, ancient Greek things, it was amazing. Then there was a gallery of medieval European armour, that was really scary - huge double handed swords taller than I am, and a setup of a knight on a horse, that freaked me out too cause my vivid imagination was thinking he was going to attack me. Very scary.  And that was our adventure and I was very excited for the rest of the day :-)