Visual diary showing sketches of this blog designI know I've been rather remote the last week. But if you notice all the changes to this site then you'll know why! A brand new design, a new maemay address (thanks Pauly!), and a lot of Wordpress/PHP learning ;-) Oh and check out the Portfolio section. It's something I've wanted to get up for ages, and now it's finally done! I especially like having my visual diary up, it's too bulky to bring overseas with me, so I scanned the pages that give me the most inspiration so that I can continue to refer to them. We now have tickets booked too... We're leaving on the 25th April and spending a couple of days in Hong Kong before we get to the UK :-)

But when we get there... who knows! All of our plans for places to stay in London have fallen through, so we might actually do a bit of touring around when we first arrive, and go to London later instead. At least we do already have a bank account setup which will be a huge help. Kinda scary though, all the savings emptied and the many NZD converted into what looks like a pitiful amount of GBP.  The exchange rate is good right now, but it's still almost 3 dollars to a pound...

And the Canon 450D is finally in NZ... very tempting. Do I spend my last bit of NZ savings on it, or wait till we're overseas??