The magical powers of computer people

Today I decided to print out the wedding invites. My boss has been very generous and said I could print them out on the work colour printer which does a lovely job. So I start printing and almost every page gets stuck in the printer and need to reset the printer and print all over again... after 40 minutes I had 8 invites!!! Then my web-developer work mate comes back from lunch and I tell him what a frustrating time I've been having! And so he stands there, and the printer works absolutely perfectly!!

I am sure most of us can relate to this... you're having this HUGE problem or computer errors or something techincal like that, but as soon as someone like a developer, programmer, computer technician turns up the thing works fine and they look at you as if to say "what are you on?!" It's like they have this magical presence or something that makes machines obey!