Okay finally I actually write something on here - hee hee Pauly should be happy!!! Seeing as he set it up so long ago and he's gotten real into blogging... then again he actually has an interesting life in Japan, and a digital camera... two things I'm lacking haha! So why have a blog at all then? I've thought about this long and hard and come to some main conclusions.

  1. I can't be a web designer and not have a website! And a blog is an easy way to do that.
  2. I hope to have some useful information for someone at some stage (oh so vague!). What I mean is that so much information you find on the internet is copied from other people so you always find the same information.
  3. I have such a variety of interests that I thought it would be an interesting observation to how this blog takes shape.

A redesign is also in the plans. (Which are all in my head at this stage...!)