FOWD conference 2010

I've just spent 2 really awesome days at the Future of Web Design conference. John Hicks talking about Icon Design

The talks were awesome, in particular I got a lot out of the sessions on Emotional Design and User Testing; and the jQuery for Designers information will also be really useful. It was great having the design clinics and hearing Mike Kus' review of my work, I really respect him as a designer so it was a great opportunity. The whole format was much better than last year, and gave much more opportunity for networking. Odd fact: Ryan Carson is crazily tall, and being rather short I felt like a dwarf talking to him!

Most of all I'm excited about all of the things I want to try out and do now. Things like unfinished ideas for this blog that I didn't want to use Flash for are now possible with CSS3... oh so many ideas you'll just have to wait and see! I also met some really awesome people, it's very cool to talk to other web designers from different areas, share challenges and have fun!

I've done some more detailed write ups on the work blog, check them out: FOWD Day 1 and FOWD Day 2.