Cool website of websites

Cute gnome on ABC websiteRecently I stumbled across this website which is another website full of cool websites. Normally I'm only checking out gallery sites from Web Standards related groups, but this site profiles many Flash sites and a huge variety which is nice :-) Three of my favourites are: Ragnarok I have no idea what this is, but I would love to know! It looks like anime or a game or both? If anyone can translate I'd be grateful! I love fantastical stuff and I love cute stuff, and this combines both.

ABC Land The Japanese make everything SO cute!! This is apparently a real estate agency. You can make the gnome jump onto the branches of trees and roofs until he reaches the castle in the sky. I love the illustration and stuff! This site takes a while to download.

Farm Fashion designers?? Anyway a very cool site and I love their little cute things around the site :-)