More Illustration

Recently I found the web designer wall site, and like many others instantly fell in love with the illustration in the header there. I was *so* happy when I found the tutorial on the technique. But after all, it's just pen tool tracing!! So I made my own, using the water colour painting I did for our wedding invites.

Illustration of an art deco flower pattern

Good practice anyway. The pen tool is my trusted friend! :-D

So then I checked out Veerle's blog and followed her tutorial on making badges in Illustrator.

Badges done in Illustrator

This was really good because a lot of the stuff like clipping masks I've learnt in the night course, but the use of layers in both of these tutorials and the depth effect in the badge one were new and very useful tips.

Oh and yes, I've been enjoying illustration so much that I've created a new category for it.