Redesign... finally!

Yay, my site is finally redesigned...! Not only has it been delayed because of spare time, but also because it took me a long time to decide what to do. You see at work I know that websites have to follow reasons, purposes and goals - and this applies to the content of the site as well as the look of the site.

So my first thing was - what is the reason for having a site?? And this was why I was initially slow in actually getting round to posting my very first entry. In the end I decided that my site was going to exist just because I wanted one. This, I think, is just as valid a reason for an individual as anything I come across for work. I am a webdesigner, so I do need a website. But also I come across stuff all the time that I want to comment on or make a statement on, and that is exactly what a blog is for.

So then, if my blog exists just for me, then the design I feel needs to reflect that. So what about me do I want to portray visually? I like so many things, so many artistic styles, etc. and again I was stuck! I seriously think that when you're a webdesigner that the worst client you can have is yourself!! Well again, one day I realised - why not use the things that are right under my nose every day?

I am a compulsive doodler. Apparently this is because I am a kinesthetic person and so I understand the world and information around me by doing. So I always need to be doing, and this comes out in doodling. So what a better thing to put on my site that is about me, than my dooles?!

I also loved this idea because I am on the computer all day at work, and the last thing I feel like doing when I am home is being on the computer! So I love the idea of using things that have been really drawn, not computer generated, and this is where I decided to bring in the paper texture. This paper is some of my favourite in my collection - one of those items that I like too much to use so it was still in pristine condition to scan in!

So here it is. Still not *quite* finished - still some tweeks to do - but here is my site with my doodles, all hand drawn and all uniquely me!