Creative Mornings

Will Hudson talk at London/CM hosted by Google

2012/07 Will Hudson from CreativeMornings/London on Vimeo.

Ok, we admit that a big part of going to this Creative Morning talk was to see the Google Campus space designed by the same interiors company as our office. It's a beautiful space with a great cafe downstairs. But no one was disappointed with the talk either. Will's focus on the power of a brand was really inspiring to me, as we are facing many issues from a stagnant brand while redesigning To see how he has shaped businesses from such an emphasis on a core principle, and how that doesn't close his scope but allows him to expand his horizon from a magazine, to a shop, events, and who knows what's next... a pub?

Peter Gregson at London/CM

2012/05 Peter Gregson from CreativeMornings/London on Vimeo.

One of the things I've always like about Creative Mornings is the diversity in the scope of the events. It's not just about the discipline of design - it's anything to do with creativity. The areas that Peter is exploring in his music and blending it with technology has a lot of similarities to our work, and I especially liked his emphasis on the technology working for us, not creativity working around technology. This is a super important point to remember in user experience design; it's worth going the extra mile technically so the experience is seamless for the user who is not even aware of the complexity involved.

David McCandless at CM/London

2011/10 David McCandless of Information is Beautiful from CreativeMornings/London on Vimeo.

Having David McCandless to speak at Forward is a perfect match. We work in such a data-focussed company and here is one of the biggest names in infographics and visual presentation of data sharing his stories, experience and top-tips. I think Forwardians at least half-filled the auditorium space at this super popular talk - it's been a fantastic morning (despite some continued technical hiccups... we'll have them ironed out for the next CM we host!)