I've been designing websites for over 10 years...

Over that time I have practised multiple design skills in art direction, typography, grid layouts, colour schemes as well as building accessible code.

I especially enjoy pulling together all of the various different aspects of a website to make the best experience for the visitor. I believe good design encompasses much more than just the visual work.

For the past 3 years have been working in an Agile team which is a natural fit for me. While working at Forward, I focussed on the redesign of their key portfolio site, uSwitch. Although the design had not previously been touched for 4 years, the site itself worked incredibly well with funnel pages seeing up to 94% conversion rate. Design changes are released in a controlled environment under split tests to ensure any impact on conversion rates is positive. I love being able to measure the impact of design changes in this way.

My LinkedIn profile

About this site

This website has been around for 9 years in different shapes and forms, and each design has featured hand-drawn or painted elements. I felt it was important to keep that aspect with the most recent redesign to represent my offline skills.

I started this latest design with wireframe sketches following Mobile First approaches. I then chose my fonts to set the tone of the site. I felt 'Dawning of a New Day' was an interesting headline font for such a personal site, and I liked the messiness it brought to an otherwise rigid medium. I then painted out the details in watercolour, and skipped straight to the browser to design the layouts.

My address is maemay.co.nz because my middle name is Mae and my husband's surname is May. It was a bit of a bother to be Rachel Mae May, so although it makes a sweet domain name I officially kept my maiden name.

I don't stop making things

Outside of work I am rarely seen on a computer and instead like to make things by hand, cook and bake.

I cycle everywhere I can, I like Pilates and good food and wine. I'm a liberal Christian, an environmentalist and a vegetable gardener.

Although a New Zealand citizen I spent the last 5 years in the UK thanks to my British grandparents. We travelled throughout Europe, parts of the States, and popped into Africa and Asia.